Event Summary

The way technology is being used, procured and deployed is changing rapidly and today’s IT department needs to change or their organizations will be at an extreme disadvantage. The proliferation of tablets and other mobile devices along with cloud computing is turning the IT world on its head. Today’s IT leaders need to rethink their existing infrastructure and future IT spending plans—including data security, transfer and management; mobile integration, device management and deployment; data center evolution including storage, back-up and de-duplication; and software distribution, management , purchasing and upgrade strategies.

Join industry experts, analysts and executives, along with editors from eWEEK, CIO Insight, Baseline and Channel Insider in a complete 360-degree digital learning environment. Participate in live discussions centered around:

Network and Firewall Protection
Smart Phone and Tablet Management and Procurement
Data Center Virtualization and Consolidation Strategies
Application Distribution and Deployment Evolution
Strengthening Every Link In Your IT Security Chain

This unique Digital University will address the most critical areas facing IT departments as they prepare their IT infrastructure to take advantage of the technology developments. The Infrastructure Digital University will incorporate:

• Live demonstrations and presentations;
• Live chat with industry experts;
• Complete social networking integration; and
• Real-time demonstrations from eWEEK Labs