» The Mobile Revolution Is Here: Change Now Or Risk Being Left Behind

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    Mobile devices of all shapes, sizes, colors and platforms are proliferating in the workplace at a breakneck pace. Employees are feeling more empowered than ever and expecting their company to support whatever mobile device they use personally. But while this mobile revolution is empowering workers, as well as making them more productive, it is also causing major headaches for IT departments that are not prepared. Having the right infrastructure and policies in place before enabling a mobility strategy is critical to ensure the right support. For more than a decade, standards and infrastructure have been behind the actual deployment and usage of mobile devices by end users. But there’s a better way than playing catch-up.

    Join industry experts and editors from eWEEK, CIO Insight, Baseline and Channel Insider in a complete 360-degree digital learning environment. Watch live demos and discussions from eWEEK Labs editors as they look at: mobile malware; managing mobile devices in a multi-platform environment; system patching and moving toward a corporate app store.

    This unique Digital University will address the latest mobile security threats and procedures, device management best practices and sound integration strategies. The Mobile Digital University will incorporate all the interactivity features available including:
    • live desktop sharing and demonstrations;
    • live chat with industry experts;
    • blogging from the learning center; and
    • social networking integration

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