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A Dr. Dobb's Webcast:
Exploring choices for desktop and mobile RIA applications:
HTML5 (Dojo), Silverlight, and Flex

Date: March 8th 2011
9am PT / 12pm ET

One Hour

Software developers are faced with many choices for developing Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for traditional and mobile devices. Usually the first among these choices is the development and deployment platform, which includes HTML5 (using JavaScript libraries like Dojo), Silverlight and Flex as the most popular choices today.

We'll explore the pros and cons of each platform, looking at the features sets,  development tools, and general support environment, as well as things like the popularity and viability of the platform.   We will also share our tips and tricks that we've gathered from developing products that work in these various platforms and show demos throughout.

This talk is designed primarily for project developers and development leads, with a primary focus on User interface developers.  



Featured Speakers:  
·  Emmanuel Tissandier,  Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM France  
·  Christophe Jolif,  Advisory Software Engineer, IBM

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