"Creating Effective Packaging"

Factoring in shelf impact, value and sustainability


A CPG, a converter and a raw-material supplier walk into a webcast. The CPG says, “I designed a new package that consumers just love. And it’s jumping off store shelves.”

“Oh, yeah?” says the converter. “Well, I boosted my line speed and improved our plant’s work environment.”

“That’s nothing,” says the raw material supplier. “I’m cooking up a whole arsenal of engineered packaging solutions that can do all that and more.”

The imperative to innovate is no joke today. With most consumers around the world still adhering to strict budgets and expecting top value from anything they do buy, a product needs a standout package that engages and delights more than ever.

Lubrizol, a specialty chemical company serving the packaging coating and adhesive markets, invites you to hear from thought leaders on how to design and fulfill market-winning packages that bring more value at less cost.

Bring your questions. There will be time at the end of the presentation for a Q&A session with the webcast speakers.

Date: Thursday, February 9, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM EST | 9:00 AM CST | 15:00 GMT London
Webcast Duration: 60 minutes


Jay Gouliard

Jay Gouliard
VP Global Segment Innovation
Avery Dennison
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Sergio Escuriet

Sergio Escuriet
Global Specialty Packaging Technical Manager
Lubrizol Advanced Materials
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Lisa McTigue Pierce

Lisa McTigue Pierce
Packaging Digest
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