Material wear characterization in medical implants with 3D optical microscopy: scar depth and volume removal


3D microscopy based on white-light interferometry has provided precise, quantifiable three-dimensional surface measurements for over 25 years. Over the past few years interest has grown in using this method to measure the quality and wear of medical implant surfaces. This interest has developed because 3D microscopy can deliver rapid, non-contact surface area measurements with sub-nm vertical and sub-micron lateral resolution. Felds of view of many millimeters can be obtained, and large areas may be examined by stitching together multiple measurements. This webinar argues for the advantages of using Bruker’s 3D interferometric microscope for material surface quality and wear characterization of medical implant devices. We show the capabilities of our system for measuring volume, depth, length, area, direction of wear, scars and defects. In addition, we compare measurement results using our system with those of the stylus profiler and a gravimetric measurement.

Date: November 15, 2011
Time: 12PM CT | 1PM ET
Webcast Duration: 60 minutes


Joanna Schmit

Joanna Schmit
Senior Staff Optical Engineer
Bruker Nano Surfaces Division

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Maria Fontanazza

Maria Fontanazza

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