Fluidic Miniaturization in Biomedical Diagnostics: Needs, Accomplishments, and Ongoing Research


Microfluidic devices have emerged as powerful and reliable analysis platforms for proteomic applications and biomarker screening. The goal for clinical biochips and lab-on-a-chip devices is to include sample injection, separation, test labeling, and detection, and to have everything done in a few minutes. Thus biochips make a perfect match for the new wave of tests that rely on gene and protein expression patterns. Microfluidic devices have evolved and have been developed to miniaturize various diagnostic technologies, such as nucleic acid amplification and detection, immunoassays, mass spectroscopy analysis, flow cytometry, and sequencing.

Date: September 7, 2011
Time: 1 PM CT | 2 PM ET
Webcast Duration: 60 minutes


Emil Kartalov

Emil Kartalov
Assistant Professor, Pathology
Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

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Richard Park

Richard Park
IVD Technology



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