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Duration: 60 minutes

Chemical and high pressure washdown, extreme temperatures, high shock and vibration, radiation and vacuums are just some of the environments that require high performance motion solutions. From high pressure washdown at food and bottling plants, to the extreme heat and pressure generated by oil and gas exploration, to an increasing focus on outdoor applications, advanced motion control solutions are being implemented in a wider set of harsh environments than ever before. Whether the needs are driven by higher standards for cleanliness, recall concerns or requirements for sensitive electronics to survive in ultra-high temperature and pressure environments, specific industry applications are putting the focus on engineered motion solutions that perform well in extremely difficult and demanding conditions. This webcast will look at the trends and solutions for motion control in all types of difficult industrial environments.


Shane Beilke

Speaker: Shane Beilke
Product Manager
ADVANCED Motion Controls

Rick Halstead

Speaker: Rick Halstead
Empire Magnetics

Gene Matthews

Speaker: Gene Matthews
Product Manager

Al Presher

Moderator: Al Presher
Contributing Editor
Design News

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