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Duration: 60 minutes

You’ll find embedded electronics is a wide range of consumer products, from washers and dryers to cameras and cars. Our consumer products are getting smarter. Some of these products use embedded systems to learn our behavior and adjust, greatly increasing the value of the product. Embedded systems range from microcontrollers to digital signal processors. In this webcast, we’ll bring together industry experts to reveal the cutting edge of embedded electronics and explain the value these systems bring to consumer products.

Jeffrey KolczakSpeaker: Jeffrey Kolczak
Product Marketing Manager, Security, Microcontroller & Technology Development Division,
Microchip Technology Inc.

Phil BurrSpeaker: Phil Burr
UI Product Marketing Director, Embedded Software Division,
Mentor Graphics

Jeff JusselSpeaker: Jeff Jussel
Senior Director of Global Technology,

Ben RunyanSpeaker: Ben Runyan
Director, Broadcast and Consumer Segment Marketing,

Rob SpiegelModerator: Rob Spiegel
Senior Editor for Automation and Control,
Design News

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