Duration: 60 minutes

Smart actuators incorporating integrated controls and network connectivity options are finding their niche in machine control applications where the simplicity of an all-in-one actuator-motor-control package fits cleanly into new designs. The key is a single mechanical actuator-motor with onboard electronics that can provide both a broader set of controls and the simplicity of an integrated solution.

This Design News webcast highlights the latest trends in smart actuators, benefits of the technology and the sweet spot in terms of where the technology fits best into distributed power and control applications. Join Design News Contributing Editor Al Presher and a panel of industry experts for this exclusive webcast. View today!

John WalkerSpeaker: John Walker
Vice President,
Exlar Corporation

Randy BowmanSpeaker: Randy Bowman
Industrial Market Manager,

Rich TallantSpeaker: Aaron Dietrich
Marketing Manager,

Al Presher

Moderator: Al Presher
Contributing Editor,
Design News

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