Duration: 30 minutes

Energy efficiency has become critical in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Companies are working to reduce energy consumption in a number of areas, from improved design in valves and pumps to right-sized components, pressure regulation, machine design, and advances in hydraulic fluids. Potential energy savings from these individual areas range from 15 to 35 percent. Taken together, these improvements can significantly drive down energy consumption. This Webcast will bring together panelists who can cover the wide range of improvements that bring significant energy efficiency to hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

DavidSpeaker: David Dornbach
Application Engineering Manager,
Hydra Force

DavidSpeaker: Neal Hanson
Product Manager, Industrial Valves and Electrohydraulics,
Bosch Rexroth

DavidModerator: Rob Spiegel
Senior Editor for Automation and Control,
Design News

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