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Duration: 60 minutes

Advances in motion control technology and mechatronics are often at the heart of innovations in new machine designs for aerospace and defense. From mechanical power transmission, hydraulic and electro-mechanical actuation systems, to advanced software and control, motion technology plays a key role in an industry that continuously pushes technology to its absolute limits. This webcast will look at how mechatronics and motion systems are making an impact in the design of aerospace and defense applications. We’ll look at how new technology and mechatronic concepts are being applied to achieve new levels of performance in these demanding environments.


  • Trends in Mechatronics for Aerospace & Defense
  • Engineering challenges in these industries
  • Benefits of new technology
  • Specific types of technology solutions
  • Application Examples
  • What the Future Holds

    Dave Chavez

    Speaker: Dave Chavez
    Business Unit Director for Launch Vehicles and NASA Programs, Space and Defense Group
    Moog, Inc.

    Wayne V. Denny, Jr.

    Speaker: Wayne V. Denny, Jr.
    General Manager, Advanced Product Design, Metrology & Testing
    The Timken Company

    Curtis Reichenfeld

    Speaker: Curtis Reichenfeld
    Chief Technical Officer
    Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions

    Al Presher

    Moderator: Al Presher
    Contributing Editor,
    Design News

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