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October 21, 2009
Virtual Incentive World
An Online Incentive Solutions Conference and Tradeshow
“Incentive Solutions Now”

12:00 Eastern Time
Panel 1: Brand-building Incentive Strategies


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Like charity, brand-building begins at home. As such, a company that spends millions on promoting its brand to the outside world without putting any effort into doing so internally is ignoring a fundamental part of the process. Employees should have a good perception of the brand they represent. To accomplish this, smart companies put in place incentive strategies designed to strengthen a brand at the most important points of engagement – employees, partners and customers.

Join Incentive Magazine for this live, interactive Web Seminar and find out from industry experts how to implement an incentive program that rewards employee loyalty and produces concrete results in promoting your brand.

Featured Speakers:
Vince Alonzo, Editor, Incentive Magazine
Paula Godar CPIM, CRP, Director, Brand Strategy, Maritz Loyalty & Motivation
Dan MacDonald President of Business Improvement Solutions

Moderated by: Pedro Pereira, Managing Editor, Nielsen Business Media Webcasts/Digital Events

2:00 Eastern Time
Panel 2: Innovative Ways to Drive Employee Loyalty



Organizations are constantly looking to implement the right loyalty program so they can properly train, motivate, reward and retain their employees. Company’s have worked hard to attract and put the right team in place, so it is critical to have a comprehensive plan to protect this valuable human capital. A well-thought-out and skillfully implemented loyalty program can give your organization a competitive edge in the market. It can help your company generate the desired results including employee productivity, retention, job satisfaction, or service quality. No organization can afford to ignore the strategic value that a well-designed total rewards system provides.

Join Incentive Magazine for this live, interactive, Web Seminar, and hear from industry experts regarding how to put together the right strategy to drive employee loyalty.

Featured Speakers:
Will Ng, Managing Editor, Incentive Magazine
Lerzan Aksoy, Associate Professor of Marketing, School of Business Fordham University; Co-author, “Why Loyalty Matters”
Peter Hart, President, CEO, Rideau Recognition Solutions

Moderated by: Elliot Markowitz, Editorial Director, Nielsen Business Media Webcasts/Digital Events

4:00 Eastern Time
Panel 3: Sales Motivation Tactics During a Tough Economy



Managers often act during tough economic times as if employees should be happy to just have a job. As a result, they put little if any effort into motivating and rewarding workers for good performance. But employees, especially salespeople, need to be motivated constantly, whether the economy is up or down. An unmotivated sales staff sells less, which ultimately affects a company’s bottom line. Sales, after all, are the blood line of a company.

Join Incentive Magazine for this live, interactive Web Seminar and learn techniques from industry experts regarding how to keep your sales staff motivated through an economic recession so your company doesn’t miss a beat in the marketplace.

Featured Speakers:
Leo Jakobson , Senior Editor, Incentive Magazine
Ira M.Ozer, CPIM, President Motivation Partners Inc.
Barry LaBov, LaBov & Beyond

Moderated by: Pedro Pereira, Managing Editor, Nielsen Business Media Webcasts/Digital Events

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