Troubleshooting Webcasting & Chat Problems

If you are experiencing problems using the communication features within the event, such as not receiving new message notifications or being unable to send text in a chat window, it may be due to the configuration of your company's network. Certain firewall configurations can prevent the communication features from functioning properly. Proxy servers and application-layer firewalls are designed to filter content based on rules that are set up by the system administrator.  The wide variety of rules means that non-HTTP traffic such as RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) may have trouble getting through some servers.  If the connections can’t get through, you should contact the administrator of your organization’s firewall to see if he or she can make an exception. Adobe Flash over "fallback" port 80 can still be blocked and/or filtered based on Proxy Servers, Web Filtering Software (Websense, Smartfilter, etc.), Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), application layer firewalls, and other unique network configurations. If you are using a Proxy Server filter, make sure you aren’t filtering out application/x-fcs.

If a yellow flag displays in the chat window, your port 1935 is being blocked and you are using port 80.
Please work with your IT department to whitelist/allow the following addresses and ports:

▪ and (port 1935, 80, 443) –
▪ (port 1935 UDP) – IP Changes Frequently
▪ (port 1935, 80, 443) – and
▪ (1935, 80, 443) – IP changes frequently
▪ (port 80, 443) - IP changes frequently.
▪ (port 80, 443) - IP:
▪ (port 80, 443) - IP:
▪ (port 80)- IP:
▪ (port 80) - IP: | | |
▪ Mail Relay: and NOTE: this is only used in cases where event hosts use an email sender other than

The test below determines which ports the Adobe Flash Player is able to connect through on your network and which ports are being blocked:

Please have your IT team view the Adobe links below for additional information.  These pages explain the potential firewall complications with Adobe Flash Media Server.