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11:00 - 11:45 AM ET
Opening Keynote Address:

Aligning Business & IT Teams behind Information Lifecycle Management
Alignment—or lack of it—between business and IT teams all too often slows or altogether impedes key business initiatives. Join us for this keynote and gain expert insight from a lawyer and technologist on advancing ILM initiatives by synchronizing technical, legal and compliance strategies, policies, processes and practices.

Moderator: Pam Schancupp, Executive Editor, eSeminars and Virtual Tradeshows, Ziff Davis Enterprise
Speaker: Daniel B. Garrie, Principal, CRA International


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET
Hitachi Data Systems Sponsor Presentation:
Vision for A Services Oriented Storage Strategy that enables ILM
Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Tackling accelerating storage growth
  • Reducing too many islands of storage
  • Paying too much for storage
  • Utilizing storage capacity efficiently
  • Addressing power and cooling challenges
  • Devoting too much budget to maintain old technology
Enterprise IT and operational stakeholders like you are often confronted with these daunting considerations when assessing an IT environment's ability to support critical data lifecycle initiatives.If your present storage environment isn't aligning with business needs, scaling to escalating data growth, and keeping costs under control, maybe it's time to consider a unique new approach. Now learn more about Hitachi Data Systems' Services Oriented Storage Solutions: a dynamic, flexible platform of integrated storage services that enables organizations and users to optimize and virtualize storage infrastructure, while reducing costs and complexity.

Moderator: Steve DeGeorge, Virtual Tradeshow Host, Ziff Davis Enterprise
Speaker: Costa Haspopoulous, Vice President of Americas Solutions and Products, Hitachi Data Systems

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM ET
Hot Button Panel 1:
Why Data Classification is Urgent Now
Learn how to classify your data and avoid wasting time and energy on unproductive searches-- and missing out on business opportunities. How do you put stored data to work and maximize its value? What policies, strategies and tactics are most effective when mapping out and managing a storage infrastructure? How do you determine the vitality of data and how it will be used and accessed to make sure that it is classified correctly? Join us for this panel for expert insight on:.

  • Classifying data based on its vitality and use
  • Finding information fast to put your corporate assets to work
  • What tools do you have now to support ILM?
Moderator: Charlene O'Hanlon, Senior Editor, eSeminars & Virtual Tradeshows, Ziff Davis Enterprise
Speaker: Marc Staimer, President/Chief Dragon Slayer, Dragon Slayer Consulting
Speaker: Edgar St. Pierre, Co-Chair of SNIA DMF ILM Initiative, Co-Chair SNIA ILM TWG
Speaker: Joseph Martins, Managing Director, Data Mobility Group, LLC.

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET
IBM Sponsor Presentation:
Managing Information for Business Value: ILM and ECM in the Real World

ILM and Enterprise Content Management both represent comprehensive solutions areas to help tame the information explosion -- and drive business value in the process. But too often they are talked about in separate forums and sold to different constituencies. A recent investigation by IBM into ILM and ECM together challenged storage and ECM experts to defend their claims, rationalize their benefits and define what each brings to the other - and what they don't. This presentation arrays the growing world of ECM solutions against five flexible IBM ILM 'entry points', themselves ranging well beyond storage. A 20-year storage and ECM veteran shows you synergies, distinctions and real-world solutions you can use today.

Moderator: Michael Krieger, VP, Market Experts Group, Ziff Davis Enterprise
Speaker: Jerry Bower, Sr. Marketing Manager, ECM, IBM Information Management

3:00 - 3:45 PM ET
Hot Button Panel 2:
Using ILM to Reduce Risk before It's Too Late
The hazards of data sprawl go beyond missed business opportunities. If your enterprise fails to keep records—or holds data that it should discard, regulatory compliance may be at risk. If data is too accessible, sensitive data can be exposed, which can be costly to your business. After a major business interruption, your ability to access mission-critical data in a timely manner is critical to disaster recovery and business continuity. Find out how ILM can help your enterprise improve compliance, security and business continuity.

  • Developing a data retention strategy
  • Complying with federal eDiscovery & eHold requirements
  • Leveraging ILM to recover faster from business interruptions
Moderator: Charlene O'Hanlon, Senior Editor, eSeminars & Virtual Tradeshows, Ziff Davis Enterprise
Speaker: Mark Bowker, Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
Speaker: Brian Fox, Manager, Forensic Technology Solutions, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Speaker: Brian Greenberg, Director, Data Protection Services for a major financial institution

5:00 - 5:45 PM ET
Hot Button Panel 3:

Reducing the Cost & Complexity of Moving Data

Low-cost, ad-hoc approaches to adding storage capacity can result in high maintenance costs that may be more than you bargained for. What’s the best approach to reducing the cost and complexity of maintaining and moving data? If you are paying a lot of money to keep low-value information, should you move data to less costly servers? What are the benefits and risk of ‘tiered’ approaches to storage? Virtualization technologies can add capacity, but what issues should be addressed when going this route? Explore ILM and the latest tools to control upfront-- and ongoing-- storage costs.

  • Managing relentless data growth
  • Making lifecycle data movement less complex
  • Obtaining a cost benefit from ILM
Moderator: Pam Schancupp, Executive Editor, eSeminars and Virtual Tradeshows, Ziff Davis Enterprise
Speaker: Andrew Reichman, Analyst, Forrester Research
Speaker: Joe Furmanski, Project Director, Engineering Group, ISD, CCTS, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Speaker: Steve Hight, Director, Strategic Technology Projects, Office of the CIO, Catholic Healthcare West

** Agenda subject to change prior to show dates **


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