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11:00 - 11:45 AM ET
Opening Keynote Address:

Transforming Operations and Delivering Business Value with BI

Avnet, a global distributor of electronic components and computer products, is a big proponent of business intelligence solutions. Find out how BI is transforming operations and delivering business value at Avnet.

Moderator: Pam Schancupp, Executive Editor, eSeminars & Virtual Tradeshows, Ziff Davis Enterprise
Speaker: Bob Pischke, Vice President of Business Applications, Avnet

1:00 PM- 1:45 PM ET
Hot Button Panel 1:
Increasing Awareness & Adoption of BI Tools
Business managers under pressure to get work done fast are prime candidates for the latest business intelligence tools. While they may be enthused about their new BI software, converting users from spreadsheets and older BI tools can be challenging. BI interfaces may be less intuitive than expected, requiring extra time for users to gain proficiency. Even the most heuristic tools may fall short of expectations in the hands of users who lack knowledge of data structures.

Join us for this panel and gain tips on best approaches to rolling out and training users on BI tools to achieve early and long-lasting ‘wins’.

  • Strategies for rollout: bottom up vs. top-down approaches
  • Tips for improving adoption rates
  • Getting users comfortable with the data
  • Establishing costs and timelines for rollout
  • Managing expectations: what BI tools can and can’t do

Moderator: Eileen Feretic, Executive Editor, Ziff Davis Enterprise
Speaker: Markus Sprenger, Business Intelligence Global Solutions Director, Avanade 
Speaker: Richard A. Skriletz, Global Leader, Business Intelligence & Data Delivery Practice, RCG Information Technology
Speaker: Karen Healey, Director of Product Management, Technology Products, PHH Arval

2:00 - 3:00 PM ET
IBM Sponsor Presentation:

Accelerate Business Advantage with Dynamic Warehousing.
Dynamic Warehousing is the next generation of data warehousing. It is breaking new ground by delivering the integrated set of capabilities enabling organizations to go beyond traditional business insight to deliver more insightful, relevant information on demand for optimizing real-time business processes, transforming customer service, increasing employee productivity, reducing business risks and generating new revenue opportunities for global businesses and organizations of all sizes. This session highlights how this holistic approach to information management results in an information infrastructure that not only scales to meet your needs but is flexible and agile to adapt to a dynamic market place. Learn how IBM’s game changing leadership with dynamic warehousing can improve your business performance today.

Moderator: Pam Schancupp, Executive Editor, eSeminars & Virtual Tradeshows, Ziff Davis Enterprise
Speaker: Marc Andrews, IBM Software Group, Information Management, Program Director, Data Warehousing

3:00 - 3:45 PM ET
Hot Button Panel 2:
Optimizing BI Tools: Is Your Infrastructure Ready?
The vendor demo for your new business intelligence tool was impressive. However, if your infrastructure is not ready for your BI implementation—or does not evolve with users’ needs— these tools may fall short of expectations. How can business teams achieve the results they expect once a tool is scaled from a half-dozen workstations to hundreds of users firing off reports simultaneously? Server and other hardware upgrades will be needed to ramp-up quickly, optimize the software and keep users satisfied. Join us for this panel for insight on:

  • New technical and process approaches to maximize BI projects
  • Hardware planning for scale-up: Does your memory serve you?
  • Adapting BI to evolve with changing end-user needs 
  • Setting up and architecting the data to optimize performance

Moderator: Charlene O'Hanlon, Senior Editor, eSeminars & Virtual Tradeshows,
Ziff Davis Enterprise

Speaker: Boris Evelson, Principal Analyst, Business Intelligence, Forrester Research
Speaker: Jonathan Rothman, Director, Data Management, Emergency Medical Associates


5:00 - 5:45 PM ET
Hot Button Panel 3:

Evaluating Self-Service BI

Business intelligence tools can empower users to create reports with minimal care and feeding from IT. By designing BI reports that are tailored to self-service mode, IT can step out of the loop and control costs for user support. However, if self-service reports lack detail, users will come back to IT for reports that do meet their needs or cross-check the results with time-consuming manual methods. Join us for this panel and explore:

  • When self-service mode will and won’t work: push or pull?
  • Best approaches for designing self-service reports
  • Empowering users to access the right data

Moderator: Pam Schancupp, Executive Editor, eSeminars & Virtual Tradeshows, Ziff Davis Enterprise
Speaker: Terri Ciccodicola, Director, Firmwide Intelligence Reporting Solution Team, Booz Allen Hamilton
Speaker: Rob Singer, Director of Customer Intelligence & Relationship Marketing, StubHub
Speaker: Steve Robinson, Director, Information Strategy & Security,


** Agenda subject to change prior to show dates **

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