Claus Mikkelsen
Chief Scientist
Hitachi Data Systems

Claus is currently Chief Scientist at Hitachi Data Systems. Claus joined Hitachi Data Systems in 1998 and is currently responsible for new technology research for storage applications, storage virtualization, and Data Life Cycle Management. During his tenure with Hitachi Data Systems, Claus designed and patented the technology for NanoCopy Asynchronous Point-in-Time Replications and other related products, and continues to work with Hitachi Data Systems' business partners and other vendors on developing complementary architectures for storage solutions.

Prior to joining Hitachi Data Systems, Claus was with IBM where he was one of the Chief Architects for IBM's storage replication and disaster recovery products, a position he held for 15 years. Between Hitachi Data Systems and IBM, Claus holds 15 patents for storage subsystem architectures (with an additional two pending), and is on the Technical Advisory Board for a Silicon Valley company. Claus also co-authored a book on disaster recovery called "The Resilient Enterprise" and has contributed numerous articles on storage availability and data center resiliency.

Most recently Claus has worked on defining the requirements for Hitachi Data System's TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform and Network Storage Controller.