Thursday, October 29, 2009
Managing Impact: How To Inject Corporate Social Responsibility Into Your Events

12:00 PM Eastern
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Making the Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility

Before a corporate social responsibility event can do any good, the corner office has to sign off on including it in a meeting’s itinerary. Otherwise it is doomed to fail. This session will provide meeting planners with a road map for demonstrating to upper management that a socially responsible event will keep costs down, be an effective vehicle for achieving the meeting’s goals, and position the organization as a good corporate citizen in the community. Join this live, interactive webcast and find out how to get management to support CSR events.

2:00 PM Eastern - Hot Button Panel 2

How To Successfully Market A Corporate Social Responsibility Event

High-end receptions, lavish banquets, golf or spa activities, and shopping excursions have long been common features of corporate meetings and conferences. Attendees and sponsors are aware of what they’re getting out of these events and what is expected of them. But how to you continue to offer these incentives and still be socially responsible? This session will explore how to market a CSR event to those two traditional stakeholders to obtain the all important buy-in that will be necessary for this very different type of event to be a success. During this webcast, industry experts will address how to reach out to local communities where these events are held as well as how to promote these programs to the local and even national press.

4:00 PM Eastern - Hot Button Panel 3
Finding the Right Fit For Your Next Meeting

Once you decide to make corporate responsibility a part of your organization’s event, you will find the possibilities are endless. The challenge is to identify an activity, charity or cause that best fits your corporate goals and image. Be it taking a group of inner-city children to a day in the park or helping them assemble new bicycles they can keep, spending a couple of hours cleaning up a section of highway or working with disaster recovery crews for a day, the activity should fit the corporate image as well as the interests of meeting attendees. In this session, find out how some organizations have taken on this challenge and turned it into a big success without jeopardizing the theme of the event.


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Making Meetings More Environmentally-Friendly

12:00 PM Eastern
Hot Button Panel 1

Simple Ways To Green Your Meeting: From choosing suppliers to making agenda decisions

When it comes to planning corporate meetings and trade shows, planners now have myriad choices to make their events more environmentally friendly. Using recyclable banners and signage, planning meetings for times of day when the least amounts of energy are needed, and handing out badges at the event instead of mailing them in advance are all effective steps to paint a meeting green. Planners should also consider selecting Green Seal hotels and convention centers, as well as hiring green-conscious food and materials suppliers.

Moderator: Pedro Pereira, Managing Editor, Nielsen Business Media Webcasts/Digital Events
Speaker 1: Kinley Levack, Managing Editor, Successful Meetings
Speaker 2: Harith Wickrema, President, Harith Productions Ltd.
Speaker 3: Amy Spatrisano, CMP and Principal, MeetGreen

2:00 PM Eastern - Hot Button Panel 2

Tips For Green Travel Management Practices to Offset Carbon Footprints: How to plan travel itineraries to be more environmentally friendly

How trade show and corporate meeting attendees get to an event is as important from an environmental perspective as the materials and energy used during the event. According to some estimates, business travel accounts for 20 percent to 60 percent of corporate pollution. To reduce the carbon impact of an event, planners ought to consider locations that require minimal travel or are easily accessible through direct flights. Planners and event organizers also can recommend that attendees rent hybrid cars and share rides, or use public transportation and walk whenever possible. Some of these options actually help control expenses, as opposed to raising costs.

Moderator: Elliot Markowitz, Editorial Director, Nielsen Business Media, Webcasts/Digital Events
Speaker 1: Seth Harris, Travel Management Editor, Business Travel News
Speaker 2: Shawna McKinley, Project Manager, MeetGreen, formerly Meeting Strategies Worldwide, Inc.
Speaker 3: Katie Miller, Office of the Federal Environmental Executive

4:00 PM Eastern - Hot Button Panel 3
Making A Positive Impact With Green Food & Beverage Option: From reducing waste to incorporating more local suppliers

Food and beverage choices can help corporate meetings and trade show planners make important decisions to keep events as green as possible. In addition to picking a green-friendly venue, planners have to make decisions on food choices as well as how those foods are served. Are the venue's chefs using as much locally grown produce as possible to sustain local growers and sellers, and does the venue use linen or reusable cloths instead of paper products? Does it use pitchers and glasses instead of plastic water bottles and wrapper-less break-time snacks?

Moderator: Pedro Pereira, Managing Editor, Nielsen Business Media Webcasts/Digital Events
Speaker 1: Andrea Doyle, Senior Editor, Successful Meetings
Speaker 2: Amanda Gourgue, CMP, LEED AP, Meeting Revolution
Speaker 3: Liz Neumark, CEO, Great Performances


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